Offering Online Guitar Sessions and Private Guitar Instructions

Finger-picking technique, Strumming technique, Chord composition, Guitar Theory, Guitar Tablature Comprehension, Songwriting Technique and Methods, Percussion technique, Economy and Alternate picking technique

Affordable Online Guitar Lessons

Learn How To Play an Eminor Chord on Guitar; Also Get a FREE 60 MIN Online Private Lesson by sending me a SKYPE Request at Live; delgadoentmt

Finding a Private Guitar instructor who fits your budget

In this day in age it is very easy to find a guitar instructor, with the help of the internet and Online market. However, in contrast, finding one who fits well with your musical needs and taste can be a bit challenging. With this being said, Delgado Entertainment would like to give you some reasons why you may want to pick our Company over other business

  • Owner Jarod Delgado has been a successful musician for over 10 years with awards under his name
  • DELLC not only does private guitar lessons but also offers lessons online
  • We offer affordable rates per session
  • We cater to Everyone and do not discrimate in any origin
  • For new students/clients we offer a 15minute session Free of charge, demonstrating how to play 3 different chords or Students Preference

If you are searching for a professional, diversed, non-biased, and talented guitar instructor and/or simply want to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us!

Call now for your Private or Free Online guitar session Now! 419-790-4641 or email us at or send me a Request VIA Skype @ Live; delgadoentmt for your own 60 Free Minute Guitar Lesson

Hours Open 24 hours a Day
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