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Why Should I Choose DELLC as my Personal Online Guitar Instructor?

Hi! Thank you for coming to our Website. It is a pleasure to have you visiting us and we hope you can find exactly what you are looking for!

We are a self-owned company out of Celina, OH who offers Guitar Lessons Online. Jarod, the owner, Guitar teacher and Musical instructor also offers Private Guitar lessons at his Studio at a very affordable price. With that being said, you are probably questioning, “Why should I “Choose” DELLC over other guitar Instructors? What makes Delgado Entertainment special?

Hi! My name is Jarod Delgado (owner and Instructor) for DELLC. I want to thank you for visiting my website and considering Delgado Entertainment! I am very excited to answer the last 2 previous questions, but first would like to give you a little background of how I was introduced into music and why it is my passion!

At the ripe age of 12 years old, my father gave me an acoustic guitar. He taught me 3 Chords, “G” “C”, and “D”. After I was fluently changing chord to chord, he told me he would give me $10.00 to learn a particular, “Rick Trevino” song. (Please don’t ask me what exact song it was cause, for the life of me, I cannot remember!). 2 short weeks after, shaking hands with my father, I was back at his house, visiting for the weekend, and told him that he owed me $10.00! Little did I remember, at the time of the bet, I not only was supposed to learn the chord progressions, rhythm, and changes, he also wanted me to learn and sing the song while playing the chords. My efforts, however, over those past two weekends must have paid off, cause, unknowingly, in my mind, I subconsciously had memorized not only the melody, but also was able to annunciate all of the Spanish words while playing the chords! To my father’s amazement, he handed me over the $10 and I was the happiest and wealthiest kid alive! (In my head anyway!). My dad was super proud of me and I have to admit, I was pretty proud of myself too, considering, not really practicing singing any of the Spanish words! lol.. But that moment right there, is what sparked something in me and decided that I wanted to be a musician/rockstar from then on out!

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A short two years later, I quickly was developing decent rhythm patterns on my acoustic guitar, while being able to strum the chords almost flawlessly. However, at the age of 14, I had decided that I wanted to learn how to play drums too. Having a drum kit and access to guitar, in my house, I would slowly teach myself drum patterns, while having my father, intermittently critique them. 6 months later I was playing drums in my dad’s Classic Rock band at all different kinds of bars, pubs, and sports bars. After having those experiences at that young of an age, definitely gave me the confidence to realize that I could one day make a living out of “Playing Music”.

In 2008 I had decided it was time to put all of my years of music knowledge, skills and business sense together and make that big leap of faith to Nashville TN.

Once living in Nashville for a period of about 2 years, I was an established “Metal drummer” for a Hard/Rock/Metal band called, “Forgotten Fable”. In 2010 we released our debut album called, “Untitled” and gained quite the hype very quickly. That same year, we sold out a venue called, “The Rutledge” for our CD Release show. We were showcased on a Fox Network TV show called, “Not Just Country” that same year. In 2011, Forgotten Fable won “Best Hard Rock/Metal Band in Nashville TN, for the highly acclaimed NIMA (Nashville Independent Music Awards).

By 2012, I was no longer playing with Forgotten Fable and was getting ready to release my own Debut Album called, “Don’t Hold Back”. While in the middle of writing that album, I was fortunate enough to have one of my biggest musical inspirations at that time, Chris Volz “Flaw” write a song with me to put on my Debut Album. By March of 2012, I was nominated for “Best Rock Song of the Year” award and actually won that award to my surprise.

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It is safe to say that Jarod (Guitar Instructor) has made a small dent in the music industry and has learned what works, what doesn’t work, and has the capability, determination, drive, compassion, and the heart to pass his knowledge, talent and wisdom along to others who are wanting to take their next big step in the music business/industry, or those who simply just want to learn how to play guitar for fun. Either or, owner, Jarod is more likely than not to be a Great Fit for your Goals and Dreams!!! If you are still not convinced or would like to get to know us a little better, please feel free to email us or give us a call! We are always here and would love to chat with you! BOOK NOW


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