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If you are at a point in your life and are wanting to Learn how to play guitar, but don’t want to have to leave your house, then you are probably asking this first question that comes to mind: “What tools, or equipment will I need to take guitar lessons online?

Jarod Delgado shows tools for Online Guitar Lessons
Learn how to play guitar with Delgado Entertainment through Skype

The most important item you will need to learn guitar online, is of course, a guitar. You can learn, using either an acoustic guitar or an electric. Finding the “right” guitar, can be a bit overwhelming. Depending on your past musical experience, you may already have some experience playing guitar and might already have a “feel” on what kind of guitar you play best on. There are some pretty big differences in the two different types of guitars, but I don’t want to go too much into detail, in explaining the differences, but hope to do so in the near future, on one of my blogs! “Ill let YOU hold me to it! :). As a guitar instructor myself, I personally would suggest, to start off with an acoustic guitar. The main reason for this suggestion, is because once you can learn how to fluently play on an acoustic guitar, playing on an electric guitar will feel much easier. The main reason I recommend an acoustic over an electric is because, it is a little bit harder to “make chords, especially barre chords, on an acoustic. The reason for this is because on an acoustic guitar, the fret board and the strings have a little bit more distance between them, ultimately making it a little bit harder to “make a chord” or “Barre a chord”. So after playing so long on an acoustic guitar, it’ll make, playing an electric guitar feel like cake! So do yourself a favor and start off using an Acoustic guitar!

The second most important thing, that really is just important as having your own guitar is having a computer with the internet, or at least having an I-pad, or a smart phone with wi-fi service. I obviously teach guitar online, so I prefer to use a Mac Computer. Mac’s are more geared towards musicians and artists and typically have a faster hard drive.

Next thing is to obtain a webcam of some sort. I use an Ausdom webcam, which I bought off of amazon for a small price of $27.00. It has been worth every penny.

Once you have these three main things, you will need to upload/download some sort of program that mimics what “Skype” does. If you are wanting to take lessons from my company Delgado Entertainment, we recommend using Skype. Skype works well with us and have used it for 96 percent of the students we teach Online!

Conclusively, we hope that this information has helped you to gain the courage to take a leap of faith, and find the perfect Online guitar instructor! If you are still in search of the “perfect guitar instructor”, and still need a little convincing on why you should choose, Delgado Entertainment, please click on the link and find out more in depth of Jarod’s music history and how he became a musician, ultimately becoming an Online Guitar Instructor!


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