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As I have been working extremely hard on Designing, Branding, Marketing and Promoting my very own Business, Delgado Entertainment, it hit me like a ton of bricks that instead of continuing to go to my 9-5 Job everyday to make “Crap Money”, I should also offer a “Virtual Assistant” Service along with all of our other services we offer. Delgado Entertainment, not only offers Guitar lessons, but also offers; Photography, Videography, Web Design, Tutorials, Audio Production and a few others. It made sense to me, to offer a “Virtual Assistant” service, simply because I already have all of the necessary tools and experience to do so.

I started Delgado Entertainment back in 2017 and was offering Disc Jockey Services, but ended up doing a bunch of Weddings, and found out the hard way, that, doing so, didn’t bring me much joy or satisfaction. In the past two years, Delgado Entertainment, was put into “Hiatus” status, simply because, my wife, at the time was working Full Time as an RN and I had to take on the “Stay-at-home” father role and raise my twins. While doing so, I decided I was going to start teaching myself some useful Online Skills to eventually put into motion, when the time was right, to really Get my Business off the ground. Quickly I found out that, the hours I needed to put into research to, brand, market, and create, my business successfully, wasn’t going to happen, due to the lack of time I was able to commit to the Internet. It was a little frustrating at the time, but I would’t do anything differently now, as my little kiddos are the light of my life!

While I was doing the little research I did, i found a little article about what is called, “Virtual Assistance”. At the time, I read the article, but never put to much thought into it. So last year, in November of 2018, my wife and I decided to mutually agree on, getting a divorce, due to some personal reasons I rather not mention. Anyway, when that happened, I ended up moving out of the Fort Wayne house and moved to Celina OH, back to where I basically grew up. It was then, I really decided to put the time and effort into getting serious, and pound the pavement, and get my business, “Delgado Entertainment” off the ground. So I started pounding the pavement very hard, and within a month of owning my own website, which is this website, and consistently reading about SEO, I was able to reach Google’s first page within 1 month. Personally, I thought that was pretty cool. It was then, I happened to come across another article and seeing the “Demand” of Virtual Assistance and decided, I can do this!!!

Having my Business placed at the top of Google within only 1 month really did something to me, inside (my head), boosting my confidence and boosting my self assurance of truly understanding, “Search Engine Optimization”, branding and Marketing strategies. With this being said, this is my first article, writing about “Virtual Assistance, SEO strategy and Branding. I honestly never knew that honing these skills, would come so fast and so easy for me.

So within conclusion of this article, If you are looking for your very own “Virtual Assistant” and need that extra boost for your company, please feel free to contact us and see what we can offer you! You can email us at; or give us a call at 419-790-4641. We look forward to hearing from you!!


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