Writing and Producing a New Song, “Lonely Tonight” by Jarod Delgado

New Song I’m working on. No Lyrics, just Music; “Lonely Tonight” by Jarod Delgado
Using Ableton Live 10 Suite for Audio Production

As you all may know, I have been really busy putting together my business, “Delgado Entertainment” and been doing a lot of marketing and promotion for my Online Guitar Lessons. But what you don’t know is that while doing that, I also have been working on not only a new song, but in the Production phase, of writing a whole new album!! There is going to be a big difference in “sound” this time. My debut album, “Don’t Hold Back” was “produced” by a Hired Legit Music Producer from Nashville TN. This new album, I am producing myself, and doing all of the writing and production. It is definitely going to sound a lot different. However, the upside to this is, I am controlling all of the instruments, in this album, as opposed to my first album. In this new album, you will be getting a clearer image, and sound of my personalized own Style, and hear the different influences in the music. I am very excited to announce this!! I know it has been only 7 years since “Don’t Hold Back”!!! lol. But I hope with this new album, it will really show much more Musicianship, and style versatility!!! So enough with my “Rants”!! If you are interested in checking the song out for yourself, please simply subscribe below with your email address, and you will get your very own Free”Download”. Now I do want to remind you, this is simply just the music with no lyrics. I hope this gives you a good idea of my album to come is going to sound like. I am using Ableton Live 10 Suite to produce this album. I really hope you guys like it!!!



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