Gin and Juice Cover Tune Performed By Jarod Delgado

Delgado Entertainment is now Offering a Free 60 Minute Online Guitar Lesson to all New Students/Clients. Call now at 419-790-4641 or Send us a Skype Request at: Live; delgadoentmt

Jarod Is Performing a Cover song that was originally written by “Snoop Dogg”, but the band Phish, not spelled (Fish), did their own version of it, so Jarod Delgado decided to Perform the Cover song, that was done by Phish Band. Jarod, owner of Delgado Entertainment and the Guitar Instructor is using a JamMan Dig-itech Loop Pedal. Jarod ALWAYS uses the Jam-Man Digitech Loop Pedal at every show, because he always performs as a solo act using just a guitar, (Not really, “Just a Guitar”. A (Taylor 214 CE Grand Auditorium Style Sunburst) To be exact. If you are interested in learning guitar, online or in person, be sure to give us a call or simply email us at or simply subscribe here below!! We look forward to hearing from you!!!

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